“Sorry for the delay” is a journey of impressions, images, sensations. The journey starts with an observation of the robotic cold voice of Stephen Hawking: “our future is in space.” And from there we come, and from the stars comes the material of which our body is made and they are made of our thoughts, that’s where we tend, all the efforts of the human race.

The LP consists of a “White Side” a bright side, the beginning of the journey, the excitement and the hope of the exploration, which culminates in the positivity of dreaming “Stelle“. But the change of season can be terrible and the clash with reality materializes in the “Dark Side“, the moment of awakening when dreams seem shattered and the limits that we thought we could easily overcome are revealed solid, overwhelming and insurmountable. The journey ends in an orbital room, a closed space, claustrophobic, but at the same time traveling. A place that is in the mind, which has no physical limits and allows you to explore the infinite and its sidereal energy.

The album had a gestation period of almost two years due to the will of the group to let settle what was recorded straight off in the first studio sessions. During this time the band members have faced several trips to both physical and inner sense, travel is not always easy and that can be perceived by listening to the mood of the final product.

The Ginah who recorded this disc are: Ralph Rosolen (piano, rhodes, synths), Dario Lot (drums), Roberto Papa(guitar, bass), now Roberto Papa has been taken over by Michele Botteon (guitar, bass).

In “Spora 17” the voice is by Cristiana Buso, in “Liquidi Alcolici” the voice is by Jordan Buttignol, in “Spora 17” and “Orbitale” sound objects are introduced by Bhasmantam AKA Giuseppe Piol.

Recorded and produced by Marco Pagot and Ralph Rosolen of the Garage Studio of San Vendemiano (TV), http://www.garagerecords.it. Sleeve design and artwork of Marco Rossetti and Roberto Papa

Artist: GINAH

Title: Sorry For The Delay

Label: Garage Records

Format: LP/CD/Digital

Presentation Date: March 2015

Distribution: Goodfellas/Digital Believe


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