MECCANICA- our new album out in March!

This record comes from an experiment. Our rehearsal room is located inside a joinery, a small space that we have created by building wooden walls, a space where we and our sound gather together. One day we said, why do not we bring the tools in the middle of the factory, among the machinery for processing and cutting wood, painting, stacks of raw material, vacuum cleaners, tools and calendars? We put ourselves wide open, distant from each other, we exploit space and free the sound, we let it run for the environment, we bounce it. We record live everything that comes out and if we like it we make a record, otherwise it was nice the same, at least for the experiment. So we did, we liked the result because it seemed to us that in its simplicity it captures the essence of the music we play. This is why we decided to share it in this work.

“Meccanica” is an album connected to earthly things, to the territory in which we live perpetually in conflict between luxuriant, silent, magical nature and industrious, empty, cold industrial areas. After imagining distant and perhaps non-existent places and having traveled in space, we stopped here, in our places, looking for simple, non-essential details.

the Ginah are:
Michele Botteon (guitar)
Ralph Rosolen (piano, rhodes, synth)
Dario Lot (drums)

Recorded and produced by GINAH, Marco Pagot (Garage Records) and Alessandro Zamuner. Sleeve design and artwork by Marco Rossetti. Photos by Rudy De Noni and Dario Lot