“Ginah is 3 people”, so they like to be called, a single entity with three heads.

The project Ginah was founded in 2006 by a split of a previous experience with an interesting result in the scene Vittoriese, the Asilonido. The Ginah are Ralph Rosolen (piano, rhodes, synths), Michele Botteon (guitar, bass), Dario Lot (drums). The three, all from Refrontolo, a small town in the hills of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto have always been friends, shared a passion for nature, wonderfully powerful and not always benevolent, of their places. The musical references are varied (Radiohead, Slint, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Tool, Swans, Sigurrós, Godspeed, Boards of Canada…). The Ginah have taken the first steps, playing in local clubs (White Rabbit (Bianconiglio), Mavv, Zion, Apartment Hoffman) getting the attention and appreciation of a cultured and demanding public. They have performed on stage at the CSO Rivolta of Marghera, they participated in various festivals in the area as the Rock at Tarz, they opened the concert for the Americans This Will Detroy You” and played the Home Festival of Treviso on the stage of Go Down Records.

The Ginah have alternated in recent years of activity, periods of high productivity and presence of long breaks, but needed, to find inspiration and energy. For Ginah to compose a piece is a long and expensive process, their mode of composition by improvisation in the rehearsal room, everybody contributes according to its sensitivity, there are three talking heads, it’s like an ongoing dialogue in music, everyone “speaks” through his instrument, eventually need to stop, put together the pieces of the “speech”, see if it works, see if it makes sense, and gather the best produced, mold it, make it in its essence and refine it before presenting it to the public. The Ginah are very demanding about their music, they do not consider themselves talented and they must work hard to get the sound they expect.

Their voyaging music and dreamlike, derive from their physical and mental travels, but also their love for their places, for their hills and their mountains.

In the spring of 2013 the Ginah decide to enter the studio to put down their ideas. Choose the Garage Studio and rely for the production on the experience of Marco Pagot (Chinasky, Galactic Maya), the work is long and painstaking, not without breaks (as in the style of Ginah) to take a breath and look at it from the outside. In some of their pieces they placed sound objects of Giuseppe Piol, producer, composer and experimentor known in the scene electro / trance underground as Bhasmantam.
Ginah do not sing, their pieces are instrumental, but there are interventions in the delicate and dreamy voice of Christian Buso (Geos) and the deep and evocative voice of Jordan Buttignol (Dogs in a flat). The Ginah complete recordings and the production of their work at the end of 2014

Ginah play without headlights, with their heads down and the their brains in the clouds.